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Eye Care Services

Dyersburg Lab   Leslie GrannoWith over 43 years of committed eye care service in West Tennessee, Eye Care Group, PLLC, has offices conveniently situated in Jackson, Ripley, Dyersburg and Humboldt. Our offices provide you with thorough eye exams, and so much more…

Complete Range of Eye Care Services

We have a wonderful, professional staff of doctors at your service. Treating all ages and a wide range of conditions, Dr. Lindy Lewis, Dr. Kelly Duncan, Dr. William Bacigalupo, Dr. David Orwig and Dr. Nicole Mills, bring their qualifications and years of experience together to treat our patients. To further ensure that you receive the best care, highly accurate diagnoses and the most up-to-date treatments, our clinics are all equipped with top technology.

Here is an introduction to some of the services that we offer at Eye Care Group, PLLC

Complete Eye Examinations for Adults and Children

Regular eye exams are recommended for everyone, regardless of age or health, as eyes are a good indicator of your general health.

Our doctors will conduct vision tests to determine your need for eyeglasses or contact lenses, as well as assess your eyes for signs of any common eye diseases. We will also evaluate the teaming ability of your eyes.

When it comes to children, it is crucial to diagnose any vision problems early on. This prevents a large number of possible learning difficulties. We are specialists in comprehensive pediatric eye evaluations.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Common Eye Conditions

Many people have astigmatism, which is corrected effectively by eyeglasses or contact lenses, and sometimes with the help of surgery. We will evaluate the best visual corrective measures for you.

Do you suffer from “long-arm syndrome”? With aging, many people find themselves holding the newspaper further and further away from their eyes. Officially termed presbyopia, the right corrective lenses generally fix this typical vision problem.

“Computer Vision Syndrome” is a contemporary visual condition that afflicts many people who sit and gaze regularly at a computer screen for many hours at a time. Characterized by eye and vision discomfort accompanied by computer use, we offer solutions to help you.

Co-Management for LASIK and Surgeries

Are you interested in getting rid of your eyeglasses or contact lenses? LASIK may be an option for you. With our pre-op consulting and post-op care, you’ll be in good hands throughout the whole process of LASIK or other refractive surgeries.

Ocular Disease Management

Many eye diseases, such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma, require constant management in order to maintain eye and vision health. We provide help at every step of the way.

“Pink Eye”, and Emergency Eye Treatments

Our optometrists are experts when it comes to emergency treatment for eye infections, sore eyes or removal of any foreign object in the eye. Not every emergency requires a trip to the hospital; consult with us first and we can help with many of these problems.

Eyewear for Sports Success

Active movement and extreme physical activity must be matched by the appropriate eyewear. Whether tennis, baseball, racing or fishing is your game, we are skilled at fitting you with the best eyewear for optimal performance and eye protection.

With our full eye care service provided by eye doctors in Humboldt, Ripley, Dyersburg and Jackson, in West Tennessee, it’s clear that your eyes will be well taken care of! Please contact us for more information, or call to schedule an appointment today.

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  • Learn more about what problems can be spotted with an eye exam, what’s involved in a comprehensive exam, and special considerations for kids and contacts.
  • Early identification of a child's vision problem is crucial.
  • Did you know your optometrist can help you with red eyes, pink eye, or sore eyes, foreign body removal and eye emergencies?
  • Having allergies can mean more than the sniffling and sneezing that most people associate with it. It's red, swollen, itchy eyes may also be a significant sign of allergies that can come whether you are sneezing uncontrollably or not.
  • In this day and age, computers, smartphones, and similar technologies are everywhere. Many hours are spent by most of us, either during our leisure time or for work, looking at the lighted screen of a computer or smartphone.
  • Including Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Cataracts.
  • Your natural tears provide moisture & nourishment to the front surface of the eye. Any change in the normal chemistry of your tears can start contributing to dry eye issues.
  • We use the most up-to-date technology to ensure the best eye care possible. Learn about the different types of tests and equipment you may experience on a visit to our Practice.
  • If you're ready for an alternative to glasses and/or contacts look to us for co-management of LASIK, cataract, and other ocular surgery.
  • This service offers early detection of potential eye and vision problems at no cost regardless of income or ability to pay. It is a one-time, comprehensive eye and vision assessment for babies, usually conducted between the ages of 6 and 12 months.
  • Astigmatism is a very common eye condition that's easily corrected by eyeglasses or contact lenses and on some occasions, surgery.
  • Does holding a newspaper farther from your face help you see the words? For this reason, presbyopia is sometimes called "long-arm syndrome."
  • Sports eyewear can give you the performance edge you're seeking for just about any sport (tennis, racquetball, etc.) or recreational activity (hunting, fishing, etc.). It can also provide the safety and eye protection you need as well.
  • A comprehensive library of vision-related information to help you better understand how your vision works, common eye conditions, surgeries and how your vision changes as you age.

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