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The Staff

Our exceptional, friendly staff is our greatest asset. They are excited about what they do, and they care personally about getting the best results for our patients.

Our receptionists will try to accommodate your busy schedule by finding appointments that suit your needs. We will help you understand your insurance coverage and if financial arrangements are necessary, we will be glad to help you develop a plan to make your vision care treatment possible.



Paraoptometric Assistant - Jackson office
Amber has been with Eye Care Group since May 2017. She is a paraoptometric assistant, performing clinical duties daily and working individually with patients. Amber strives to make each patient feel comfortable in our clinic and to put a smile on each person’s face. Amber has three adventurous boys who...


Front Desk - Ripley Office
Angela has been with our practice since November 2016. She greets patients with a smile and strives to provide excellent patient service. Angela lives in Halls, TN, and she loves spending time with her niece and nephew, her family, and her friends. She also enjoys working in her garden....


Certified Optician - Dyersburg office
Becky has been in the optical industry for 22 years and has been with the Eye Care Group since 2011.  She takes pride in being part of a team that provides quality eye care and provides the latest technology for our patients.  She loves to vacation at the beach and...

Brooke A.

Optician - Jackson office
Brooke has been with Eye Care Group since 2016 as an Optician in the Jackson location. She enjoys helping patients with frame selection, as well as discussing different lens styles and options. Brooke’s optical experience allows her to help patients understand which particular lenses will work best for their particular...


Front Desk/Check-out - Dyersburg office
Carol has been with our office since 2007 and is a Certified Paraoptometic Technician. She has the ability to ensure patients convenient scheduling and is able to convey the doctor’s recommendations to each patient. Through her diligence, Carol is able to meet all of your needs before you leave our...


Patient Relations - Jackson office
Deborah has been with the Eye Care Group since 2011. She appreciates learning all the aspects of working at the front desk. Every day she gets to meet new people, and she enjoys seeing the patients that come in every year. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, baking and...


Clinical Manager - Jackson office
Delane has been with the Eye Care Group since 1986. She was appointed clinical manager in 1993. She enjoys working with patients to help them select the best contact lenses for their needs.  Delane lives in Jackson with her husband, Doug. In their spare time together, they enjoy camping and...


Insurance / Billing - Humboldt office
Donna Graves joined the Eye Care Group in 1999, working at the front desk in the Jackson office. She now works in the insurance and billing department in the Humboldt office, with insurance verification services being her primary responsibility. Donna loves to read, draw and travel. She also enjoys bragging...


Patient Representative - Jackson office
Gara has been with Eye Care Group since May 2017. She enjoys the atmosphere of working as a patient representative as she greets all who enter our Jackson location. When not at work, Gara spends her time with her friends, family, her significant other, and her cats....


Clinical - Humboldt office
Ginger has been with the practice since April 2007. She likes helping patients achieve their best vision with contacts, and her clinical service skills make her a vital part of our team. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their two daughters....


James has been with Eye Care Group since 2007. He is an integral part of all of our locations by providing inter-office courier services and transporting goods from our lab in Dyersburg. His diligence ensures that all of the glasses that are ordered at our four locations get delivered in...


Eyewear Consultant - Dyersburg office
Jill has been with our practice since 2007, helping our patients make the best decisions involving new eyewear. She successfully completed the new dispenser training through Essilor. As a glasses wearer for over 5 decades, she has experienced many improvements in all aspects of eyewear over the years. She has also...


Clinical - Dyersburg office
Julie has been part of the Eye Care Group team since 2014. She enjoys being part of a group that is like family to each other and to our patients.  Julie takes pride in helping to provide quality eye care to new and veteran patients.  Outside of work, she enjoys spending...


Patient Representative - Jackson office
Katie has been with Eye Care Group since 2014. She enjoys being at the front desk, learning new things, and seeing and meeting all the people that come and go through the office every day. She is very passionate and proactive when it comes to her job. When Katie is...

Kim F.

Certified Paraoptometric Assistant / Contact Lens Technician - Dyersburg office
Kim has been with Eye Care Group since 1995. She takes great pride in being part of a team that puts patient care first. Kim will make you feel comfortable and as though you are among friends when working with you to achieve the best contact lens fitting.  She has...


Optician - Ripley office
Keisha has been with the Eye Care Group since 2013. She enjoys working with the friendly staff and with patients, which feel like family. She finds that each day brings new challenges, and she is always learning something new. She takes pride in helping you select the best eyewear for...


Clinical - Jackson office
Laura has been with the Eye Care Group since 2016, and performs clinical duties for all patients. She lives in Jackson, and has an educational background in nursing. She has a friendly personality and cares about each individual patient. She enjoys spending time with her daughter and being outdoors. She also...


Patient Relations / Check In - Dyersburg office
Leigh-Anne has been with the Eye Care Group since 2001. She’s a very friendly and energetic person and takes pride in making sure the patient’s care is always top priority. Leigh-Anne will always greet you with a smile and make you feel comfortable. Family is one of the most important...


Lab Technician - Dyersburg office
Leslie has been with the Eye Care Group since 2006. Her job is very rewarding knowing that she is providing patients with exceptional eyewear. "Your vision is the most important aspect of my job." She enjoys spending time with her husband Tony and their 4 children, especially in outdoor activities....


Patient Representative - Humboldt office
Melba has been with Eye Care Group since September 2007.  She works in our phone center where she schedules appointments. She loves talking to our patients and making them feel as if they are a part of our family here at Eye Care Group. Melba enjoys spending time with her...


Clinical - Ripley office
Monica has been with Eye Care Group since June 2015. Every day, she finds that she learns new things, and she enjoys building her clinical skills.  She has been an optometric assistant since 2013. Prior to that, she was a certified nursing assistant for 8 years. She is a wife and...


Optical Lab - Jackson office
Morgan has been with Eye Care Group since February 2017. She loves assisting patients in their frame selection to help find something complimentary to each individual, and she is skilled in helping the patient select what lenses will work best for them in their day-to-day activities. In her spare time,...


Patient Representative - Humboldt office
Neshia has been with our practice since September 2015. She enjoys interacting with patients as they come into our Humboldt office and working with her co-workers. Every day is a new adventure for her. Neshia lives in Milan with her husband and three children, and likes to spend time with...


Patient Relations - Jackson office
Peggy has been with Eye Care Group since February 2017. She is a very caring and compassionate person, and she will make sure to make you feel welcome as you enter our Jackson office. She is married with one child. In her spare time, she loves to cook, make handmade...


Licensed Optician - Dyersburg office
Phil has been an Optician since 1975 and has been with the Eye Care Group since 2000. He enjoys working with a great team, as well as providing excellent patient care. He enjoys working in his yard, in his garden, as well as  spending time with his family....


Patient Representative - Humboldt office
Rita has been with our practice since 2005. Her main goal each day is to provide patients with the best patient service possible.  Rita lives in Gadsden with her husband and two children. In her spare time, Rita enjoys spending time with her family, crafting, and playing the piano....


Patient Relations - Jackson office
Sandi has been with Eye Care Group since 2015. She enjoys all aspects of public relations in her job in the call center. When she is not working, she enjoys time at home with her family and friends....


Optical Lab - Humboldt office
Sharon has been with Eye Care Group since March 2017 as an eyewear consultant. She enjoys interacting with patients and helping them select stylish eyewear. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren....


Optical Lab - Jackson office
Skyler has been with Eye Care Group since July 2010. He is an American Board of Opticianry certified optician. He specializes in helping patients select quality eyewear customized for their individual needs. In his spare time, Skyler enjoys traveling with his wife and four daughters, especially to beach destination in...

Tammy N.

Insurance / Billing - Humboldt office
Tammy joined the Eye Care Group in 2008 in the Business Office.  With a background in accounting and office management, Tammy has been an asset in the daily business operations of our group. She enjoys working with her office family and in her “adopted hometown” of Humboldt. In her spare time, she...

Tammy R.

Insurance / Billing - Dyersburg office
Tammy has been with Eye Care Group since 1998. She takes great pride in her job and being a part of a great team that provides the best care for our patients. She enjoys spending time with her husband Adam, their 4 children, their granddaughter and being outdoors....


Optical Lab - Humboldt office
Theresa has been with the Eye Care Group since 1992, and she was appointed as the Optical Manager in 1993. She enjoys the interaction with patients, staff members and doctors. When she is away from work, she loves spending time with her grandchildren, teaching on Wednesday nights at church, and...


Certified Paraoptometric / Clinical - Dyersburg office
Tracy has been a Certified Paraoptometic since 2008 and has been with our clinic since 2007. She takes pride in being part of a team that provides quality eye care and a friendly environment to all our patients. She enjoys helping patients understand the importance of the health of their...